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Top 5 Tips for New Moms Running a Business

If you were a new mom also running a business then this is the episode for you. First of all, why do you think classifies you as a new mom? Is it being in the first year of motherhood? Is it the first six months? Is it the first two years? Who freaking knows. I feel like so much is changing all the time with being a mom and what stage are kids at and also balancing all of that with running a business. From my perspective, while recording this our son Jack is 15 months old at this point. So I have 15 months of experience running a business while also being a new mom. In this episode, I’m going to be sharing my top five tips to hopefully help you along your own journey in this new exciting, incredible, and also really difficult stage of life.

TIP #1: Seek out childcare support for dedicated work time – and schedule it

Whether it is daycare, a nanny, family member, a friend… Whatever childcare looks like for you make sure to have this secured ahead of time and have it on the schedule regularly. Leaving work time up in the air according to nap times, or according to when someone might be able to look after your baby can be very stressful. Things are already so unpredictable as a mom and having some type of reliable schedule when it comes to childcare is a huge weight off your shoulders and allows you to have that dedicated fully focused work time where you can take your mom had off for a while.

TIP #2: Allow yourself to be flexible with your goals and timelines

The reality is the time you have available to work on and in your business is way way less than before. Because of this I have learned to give myself the grace to be flexible with things like launch goals, income goals, creating anything new goals. Anything that we’re creating in the business I have learned to be even more go with the flow than I was before. Things come up where you need to be more in mom mode than business mode than normal, and there could be delays and it’s just so much easier on you when you allow yourself to be flexible rather than being to set on certain dates and deadlines.

TIP #3: Be selective about who you’re following online and how you feel

Notice how you’re feeling when you’re scrolling through your social media. Is there anyone that you’re falling that triggers you in anyway? I know I went through this we’re certain people, while I was excited for them and super inspired by what they were doing, it did make me feel like I was always behind, or not doing enough, or missing out. I got much more selective about who I was following to make sure that I was feeling the way I wanted to feel when I was deciding to be on social media. This didn’t look like on following a bunch of people necessarily, you can just hide them from showing up in your feed, do you want to be intentional about Following people that have a more similar situation to you, and or are in a phase that you want to be in.

TIP #4: Outsource and keep it simple on your end

Again, your time is more limited than ever before! If there is anything about your work that you can outsource, especially the things that might drag you down, that you don’t love, or the busywork stuff – definitely open up to the idea of outsourcing even if it’s just small baby steps. I had already been building a small team before having Jack, and I see how valuable it is to have help in my business now that I have a baby who takes up a lot more of my time.

As far as keeping it simple on your end, be conscious to not try to lay are too many new things going on at once. Your attention is already going to be split between mom life and business and you want your business work to be a streamlined as simple as possible for your own sanity and to just feel better every day.

TIP #5: Create boundaries for your work time and mom time

Decide what your days look like when you have childcare and when you don’t have childcare. I have definitely been there where I was attempting to do all the things at once. I felt like my attention was getting split between trying to steal some work time while I was looking after Jack and it did not feel good at all. I felt like I wasn’t able to be as present with him, I just felt this anxious energy about always trying to check in. It felt so much better when I intentionally created boundaries between work and mom time.

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