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Discover your website's most important goals and what pages you need on your website

Decide on the most ideal website platform for you & what other tech you need to make your process seamless

Know whether you want to DIY your website or hire a professional website designer

Decide how you will handle the photos + writing for your website

Create a strategic game plan for you website and know what your next steps are

DURING this FREE workshop you will:

Launch Your Website


 Free Website Planning Workshop

You're ready to launch that new website like, yesterday... but you're feeling stuck in all the logistics. 

What pages do I need?

What's this freebie thing all about?

What website platform is best for me?

How can I automate things?

What about the other tech?

You may be asking yourself things like...

What photography should I use?

How do I handle the writing for the site?

Should I create the website myself?

What steps do I take next?

How can I make the most out of my website?

Find the clarity & confidence you need to


so you can launch this gorgeous website of yours and begin building your audience and booking clients

move from confusion to action

You're a service based online entrepreneur, program/course creator - such as a coach, consultant, travel advisor, virtual assistant, interior designer and more.

You're ready to look like the professional you are online and be proud to show off your business + book clients.

You want to launch that new professional and strategic website but you're confused by what all is involved.

You want to make the most of your website and have it strategically setup to attract your clients and grow your business.

You're caught up in your head trying to figure it all out and want some guidance on what to do, step-by-step.

This free workshop is for you if:


Intentional Website Workshop

Pre -Workshop

Pretty simple - get on the list for the workshop! SIGN UP now in order to get 5 days worth of insights and tips for how to strategically plan your website with ease.

Once you're on the list - keep and eye out for Day 1 to begin!

What is the purpose OF your website?

Plan out your website's most important goals + actions.
Plan out which pages your website needs.
Start brainstorming on your freebie.

Part 1

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What Tech Do you Need?

Which website platform is the best for your needs.
What are some other tech platforms to help you automate the process for managing clients & growing your email list.

Part 2


Should you create the website yourself or hire a professional?
Learn the ins and outs of both options to decide what's best for you and where you are in the journey.

Part 3

What About the Writing & the Photos?

Learn copywriting best practices for your website. 
Create an outline for your pages you planned out on Day 1.
Decide where you're getting your website images from.

Part 4


Your step-by-step game plan for going from idea, to creation, to completion.
Let's move from ideas to taking some action here! 

Part 5


Sign Up Below TO Get ACcess to the Free Website Planning Workshop

Planned out your website's most important goals and actions you want your ideal client to take

Mapped out your website pages

Decided on your website's freebie

Decided on the most ideal website platform for your needs

Figured out what other tech you need to make your process seamless

Decided whether you want to DIY or hire out the process

Found direction in your website writing

Know how you will handle the photos for your website

Created a game plan for all next steps and who you need to reach out to for help.

By the end of the 5 days you will have...