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Takeaways from My Recent Wins

In this episode, Kristin shares three recent wins in her business and her biggest takeaways from each that you can apply to your journey.

The first win is a 40% increase in business revenue in 2023 compared to 2022. The second win is the transition of a team member from part-time to a full-time salaried employee with benefits. The third win is the purchase of one of Girlboss Designer’s website templates by Manifestation Babe for their latest venture – Manifested Adventures.

The main takeaways from these wins are the importance of focusing on money management, not basing the future on the past, small steps forward can lead to big accomplishments that feel normal, and realizing that people you admire are in closer proximity than you think.

#1- Our Business Revenue Increased by 40% from 2022 – 2023

  • This happened even with moving my entire life across the world
  • Our revenue has always gone up but typically very just slightly
  • This year I focused in on money management, implemented Profit First, joined Lou Clarke’s Rule Your Money program
  • Not only did the revenue go up and I didn’t end up with a tax bill – but because I was implementing Profit First my savings of profits has grown
  • TAKEAWAY: If you keep basing what’s possible for the future on what happened in the past, you’ll create more  of that. Focus on the bigger future expansion and possibilities. Find examples of it happening elsewhere.

#2- Hiring My First Full-Time Salaried Employee

  • Our main brand & website designer Madison transition from part-time employee to full-time with benefits in January of this year
  • I used to be so intimidated by the thought of being responsible for someone’s salary
  • Now it feels so comfortable and a natural step
  • TAKEAWAY: All the small steps and changes lead to a bigger result that feels so normal because you’ve grown your ability to hold it along the way

#3- One of My Mentors Randomly Bought Our Website Template

  • You guys probably have heard by now me talk about the brand Manifestation Babe
  • A LOT of my own knowledge and implementation with manifestation has from from Kathrin’s teachings (+ help from my amazing NLP coach Olga!)
  • The COO of Manifestation Babe Londa, bought one of our travel templates for their latest business venture together, called Manifested Adventures
  • Note from Londa:”The Maui Template was the perfect starting point for our new travel website! It really made the daunting task of starting a site attainable and streamlined. The canvases and blocks were beautiful and easy to move around to make our own! I would highly recommend using these templates for starting a site, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned website builder!”
  • TAKEAWAY:┬áThe people you admire and look up to are in closer proximity than you think.

Episode Transcript:

Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to the podcast. Today, I want to share some takeaways I have from some of my own recent wins. I feel like it can be easy when you have a win in your business or life and you acknowledge it quickly and then you just like move on to the next, right? And this can put us in this kind of never-ending feeling like fully fulfilled situation, I feel like when we’re just move on to the next, move on to the next, move on to the next. And so I wanted to partially, I feel like do this for myself to just really celebrate these three really exciting things that have happened over the past few months and also really reflect on them and share with you guys some takeaways that you can also apply to your business from each of these situations. So that’s the only lead-up that I’m going to give for this. I think we’re just going to dive right in with this episode and jump right into the juicy content, if that’s okay with you. So let’s get started on kind of dissecting these wins from over the past few months.

So the first win that I want to share with you guys was that the business revenue for Girlboss Designer increased by 40% from 2022 to 2023. So last year, our total revenue increased by 40% from the previous year. This is super exciting, number one, just as by itself. That’s super exciting, of course. But also, for me, the revenue at Girlboss Designer was steadily going up, but just a little bit. When I first started my business, I would say in the first year of really doing this full time, it grew pretty quickly, it grew to where I was making like the 10K months that people talk about technically like six figures, you know, before taxes, I wasn’t taking home six figures, you got to pay your taxes. If you hire help, you got to pay your people, right? But the revenue of the business had reached that $100,000 mark to be called six figures relatively early. I want to say it was maybe within the first 18 months or something like that. I don’t know exactly. I haven’t pulled the data, but I know it was relatively quickly. Then after that, it was going up, but I never had one year where there felt like there was a larger jump. And then once I got to the point of looking at scaling, and especially when I found out I was pregnant and I was needing to prepare for maternity leave and how I was going to operate now as a new mom, all of these things expanded my overhead because I rely a lot more on team now than I did before. So this one has been a funny win for me because I guess I haven’t personally felt as much the jump that happened because I do invest a lot in my team. I do invest a lot in help. But over the years, it was just kind of going up a little bit and going up a little bit and going up a little bit, maybe like $10,000, maybe $15,000 more for the year. And then all of a sudden there was like a $92,000 jump. So it grew from 40 percent, went past the 200k mark. I think it was like 260 for 2023 from my accountant. 262, 260, something like that. So that was super exciting for me. One, because it’s exciting for anyone. But two, I had on my vision, on my goal list to finally reach past the 200k mark because I was always at high 100s for so long. And then I started hiring on helps as I was just kind of explaining I wasn’t personally feeling as much money coming to me. So this year was so nice just to have bus past the 200, not only bus past the 200, but bus past 250 in a year, had my support from the team. And I want to share some takeaways that I have related to this that could have, or I know would have attributed to this larger jump. And then, you know, what are some takeaways that you can apply to your business? So things that I did differently this year than I’ve done before that would have contributed to the 40% 90K growth in a year would have been number one, I focused more on money management this year. I implemented the Profit First system. If you guys haven’t read the book Profit First, I highly recommend it. It’s similar to like other type of savings strategies that have different names. It’s just for your business where essentially the money comes in, you have all these different accounts that you then disperse the money to and then operate out of your operating expenses versus what can happen. I could have a whole episode on Profit First. I plan to do that eventually. So I’ll try to explain what this is very quickly.

What can happen with your money is that the business money comes in, your revenue comes in, you have to pay all your expenses. You have a recurring subscriptions. You have, if you have any support in your company, as far as like team, you got to pay your people. You might. like be going through different development programs like a coach or a course or whatever that you have to pay like that monthly fee or whatever it is. And then what tends to happen is that we pay ourself last. We save profits from the business last, we pay ourself last. So I saw myself doing this for sure, especially as I started hiring on team. I was still, you know, always make sure my team is paid. honestly before myself, but I wanted a better way to operate where I wasn’t literally putting myself last on the pay scale when it came to how I was operating the funds. Because it is so normal to operate just how I explained. Like you take away, you take care of all of your overhead in the company and then the leftover, quote unquote leftovers. is like for you and that’s ridiculous. Like at first you don’t have much overhead so you’re keep your pocketing a lot of it. But as that those business expenses grow as you have team that gets a lot higher and who wants to like feel like they’re getting leftovers from their business? No one. So with Profit First essentially anything that comes in and percentage immediately goes to you as the owner, a percentage immediately goes into a profit savings account, percentage immediately goes to taxes. And after that, that’s your operating expenses. And it trains you to be paying yourself first, to be saving profits first, to operate your business on less operating income because it’s all been dispersed into all these accounts. So as I was learning about this, I had already actually had the book on like… had bought at some point like a while ago. I went to like go get it and I’m like, oh, I already have it. It’s just like one of those funny like synchronicities. But long story short, I ended up through a series of events that I’ll explain in another episode when I talk about profit first more. I discovered a woman named Lou Clark who… her whole business is about like money, finances, money management, implementing profit first. And I loved her whole vibe. I love her personality. And it just so happens that she has a whole program called Rule Your Money that incorporates all the strategies of profit first into also like, you know, money mindset, because that is going to be a massive piece before you can do the logistics and like so many other things. So. I ended up joining her program for some extra support in implementing this new way of managing my money because it wasn’t as straightforward for me as it was in the book because of how my business is set up with payroll and actual employees. And I just felt like I wanted some guidance to make sure I was really doing this properly. So I joined her program. All of this is going on while we’re in the midst of this surprise move to the US. So something else I’m super proud of actually with this is that the business revenue increased by 40 % and grew by $92 ,000 while I was literally moving across the world. Last year was kind of crazy between in February, we came back to the States for a few weeks for our US wedding and then literally got back from that trip, I think, early March and then months later in July, we were literally moving our whole lives across the world, which was a major transition for me, where I really leaned more heavily into needing my team to support me. And in doing that, the business still grew. So sometimes we can have these beliefs that like, oh, well, things aren’t going to grow or can’t grow because this all these things are happening in my life. It’s like we just make up these imaginary limitations. Like there’s so much actually that’s possible. Like why do we create these limitations for ourselves? So a big takeaway from me, well, there’s a few takeaways. Okay. One of the big takeaways for me is that it’s not a surprise that The year that the business revenue made a larger jump than it had in years was the year that i focus more of my attention on properly managing the finances i talk about something like this in. A previous episode i think it’s called. What actually means to act as if for act as your future self i think that’s the title of some sort and it’s not about you know spending money in my business. I was making all this more money. It’s about what are the maintenance practices of someone who has that level of money. And that was my intention really going into this. I had been working with my coach at the time about wanting to grow the business. My intent was actually so that it would open up more possibilities for us to move to the States. Little did I know that our move to the States happened without needing me whatsoever because of the job opportunity that came up for my husband. But my intention was growing the business financially. And so therefore I needed certain skills that someone who had that level of a company that I still am growing into, what type of practices would they have with operating their business? And the money management side was something that I knew I needed to work on. And that led me down this path to getting into profit first. And that led me into this path of discovering Lou and joining her program Rule Your Money. And just like, it’s like a domino effect.

Once you open yourself up to this, the universe really does, I feel like, guide you and leads you along the way. And then all of a sudden I’m like, I’m pretty sure we’re definitely like past 200k this year. And then all of a sudden I’m like, I think we might even reach 250. And then I get the number from my account and it was like 260. And I’m like, this is amazing. So number one, if you want certain results, what are the activities or habits that someone who has those results probably has? It’s no surprise that when I get more focused on properly managing the finances that the finances grow, right? The other key takeaway that I want to share with this win is that if you keep basing what’s possible for the future on what happened in the past, you are going to create more of the past. What you’re focusing on, you will create that. This is part of the manifestation process. So… A lot of people that are very practical do this all the time. Well, in the past, our business has grown X percentage every year, so we can expect that for this year. And you almost create limitations on what can be possible because you’re basing all of the future on what’s happened in the past. And I feel like the past information is good information to have. But if you want to expand past that faster, you need to open up the possibilities for yourself and a really good way to do that. is I always like to find examples of people out there who have had like a bigger leap, like I’m looking to create. Like income is just one example. You can have, you know, the same way of thinking applied to other aspects that aren’t income -based. But for me with this, I like to remind myself of examples of people who experienced larger growths of income fast. to show myself like it’s totally possible. Why would I look at the past and think, oh, you know, we’ve only grown by 10, 15 ,000 each year, so I’ll probably, you know, be like, hopefully we might get close to like 200, blah, blah, blah. It’s like, let go of that to allow so much more to come your way. My husband tends to think this very practical way and I hear him talk and I’m like, okay, that’s great. And, you know, all these other things are… Possible too. So those are my big takeaways from our 40 % growth in revenue was Number one really focus whatever goal you have, especially if it’s an income goal. Like what are the habits and the Activities that someone who already has that is doing right and then also Don’t base your future on what has happened in the past just use that as information and things to learn from but so much more is possible for you versus what? has happened in the past. Okay, the other exciting win that I actually haven’t really shared anywhere. At first I was like, well, this doesn’t really seem like something to just like share as a win, but it really is a big win for me and it is super exciting. So our main brand and website designer, Madison, transitioned from part -time employee to a full -time salary employee in January of this year. So she was already working a lot of hours anyways. I actually want to bring her on the podcast because I feel like people need to meet her. I think sometimes people come in to work with us in the design business and assume like I’m the one doing everything and there is a team behind me or they think like she’s like a little assistant designer or something like that. And it’s just like not how we operate. So I do want to have an episode. I think where I bring her on and we like talk about like how we operate and all of that. But she was already working. a lot of hours to begin with. So at this point for her to go from part -time to full -time wasn’t really that big of a leap. We really did take steps over time to increase that and get comfortable with it over time and also like grow with my actual needs. When I hired her on, I think it was like a few months before I went on maternity leave, it was just for brand design. And then, I was in a position where I needed someone to also help with show it design. I knew that she knew show it, which is one of reasons why I wanted to hire her for branding, knowing that she could help out with the website design if we ever needed. All of a sudden I need a website designer. So we increased her hours a good bit to do both. And then that has just increased over time where we’re like, okay, it’s actually not that big of a jump. We had talked toward the end of last year about, I knew this was a goal for her. I wanted to make sure, you know, this is something that like she wanted.

Not just, you know, thinking I wanted it and then offer it to her and she doesn’t want it. So we already had that talk. I knew this was a goal of hers. I think actually the year we do like a yearly review because my team members are actual employees. They’re not contractors. There is a whole legal side to if people who work for you should be contract, actually, if someone’s a contractor, they’re not working for you. It’s a whole different situation. There’s legal implications. If you don’t, hire someone correctly. I have an episode on this where I have my friend Kira on who specializes in this. If someone should be a contractor or employee, that’s a whole different topic. But after learning all about this, I transitioned to having employees. So she was already like on payroll with me. We had increased her hours and it was just kind of the natural next step to go and have her transition to be full time. Why this is such a big win for me is that… I used to be so intimidated with the thought of being responsible for someone else’s salary. I’m like, if I was going to pay someone, first of all, just the thought of like what that salary number would be, and then thinking that like I’m responsible for that for someone, it felt so big. And now that it’s actually happened, it feels like so normal. It feels so comfortable. It was just like I was saying a second ago, it was like a natural next step because we grew over time. And so when this happened, when I made her job proposal, her offer letter and what we were going to include, because I knew I wanted to include benefits along with it. She gets three weeks paid vacation. She has a text stipend. She has… What else does she have? We don’t have a health insurance plan within the company because there just is not a need for that yet. My health insurance is through my husband. So until… that changes for us and we need to have one for the company, we contribute toward her health insurance. And then she has other benefits besides that I forget what they are at this time. But I knew like if I was going to have an employee, we also introduced a 401k plan for all employees. So she already had this before being full time. This made me feel so proud of you guys because I have worked in before when I was not a business owner and I was working for someone else. I’ve been in a position where I worked for companies that were a smaller company and I didn’t have all these benefits. Like thinking back, I should have, I don’t know if legally they were actually should have like required, they would have been required to offer me a 401k. I don’t know. It was a while ago at this point. I don’t know if that was like a law back then. I don’t really know, but I know how it felt to feel like. The full -time job I knew was like, I have a salaried full -time job, but it didn’t feel as legit because I didn’t have proper benefits. It felt like I had literally a week’s paid vacation. Looking back, that’s absolutely insane. I’m pretty sure it was like five days. I’m pretty sure it was only five days. Maybe I’m wrong and it was two weeks, but I’m pretty sure it was a week. So I knew I wanted everything to… I wanted to feel really proud and good about what I’m offering someone. This is their livelihood, right? And so I felt like so excited about what I was able to offer her. For me, the vacation time is something that I think the US just sucks on for a big portion of the companies out there. You know, after living in Europe for six years and knowing like how much holiday time they get paid time off on Europe is the same way. I knew if I was going to be creating a culture for my company, I wanted to have that. So she had already had like two weeks PTO. Now she has three. That’s something that I can see like. growing even more over time. We talked about, you know, her role growing and expanding beyond where she’s at even now over time. It was also a really cool, like, 360 moment because back when I did used to have a job for this other company full time years ago, I stopped working for them full time back in, I think it was 2016 is when I transitioned to then just freelancing for them. And that’s when I went traveling all through Europe and then ended up moving to Australia. It was either 2015 or 2016. I don’t remember which one. Somewhere around there. But one of the kind of catalysts to me deciding I’m done doing this full time and I want to pursue my actual dreams, which were to travel and move and like all these other things, was that I was going into a yearly review for my job and I asked for a salary raise. I don’t know what their percentage was. I didn’t even look at it as a raise in.

Like percentage for my same job, I was doing a different role. Like I was now managing people. I was now an art director. Like literally my role had changed and I wanted to be paid according to what that role was. And I was also being reasonable understanding that this is a like smaller family owned business. I could easily look at like my role at like a bigger company and that would be a lot more. But I took that into consideration and I know, I know that what I asked for was very fair for a salary. I was told. No, I was told, you know, we can’t afford that. We can’t do that. And what I love about this is that the salary that I now give Madison, offered Madison, give her is the same salary I had asked for at that job. So I just think it’s so cool where like I was asking for the raise, being in the employee shoes, I was denied it. Thank God, actually, that all of that happened because it pushed me to do all these other things with my life. But now I’m able to offer that to someone else and like pay that to someone I just think is super, super cool. It makes me like so proud and excited to think about that. So this was a really big win for me. The takeaway that I have for this is that all the small steps and changes lead to a bigger result. That’s gonna feel a lot more normal by the time you get there because you’ve grown your ability to hold this. over time. I sometimes it can seem so outside of us to think about having a salaried employee, to think about having anyone help us in our business, to think about like even having like a small contractor or an assistant that might seem really big. Like we have to hire, you know, someone full time from the beginning and that’s like not even true. You can literally start with like two hours a week, five hours a week, 10 hours a week. I mean, you take your baby steps. And this is the same with income goals, with every goal. The incremental steps that you’re taking to create growth, all of a sudden, the goal is here. And you’re like, it actually feels so good and so normal because you’ve grown and adjusted your nervous system along with that. Sometimes when we take too big of leaps too fast, we might not identify with that next level yet. And there could be some self -sabotage that comes into play to kind of get us back to where we’re comfortable with. So you don’t have to take these massive leaps into things. You can grow over time. I feel like it’s sometimes more enjoyable that way, even though we might want it faster. I feel so like solid and good being able to bring on someone full -time salary with benefits in the position of how I feel now versus feeling like I’m stretching myself too far and being too scared about it. That’s like not the right type of energy. I think anyone wants to be in like going into this. Like probably the employee doesn’t want their employer to be feeling that way because that doesn’t make them feel very secure. Right. So it’s okay to take small steps and grow over time. Okay. My third win that I want to share and some takeaways with this, something I haven’t shared at all publicly yet. Um, I will be sharing too on social media and places a little bit more about this because I have like the mock -up of the website and like a few other things to share with this, but this is just a really like fun win that happened. I don’t even remember when it happened. I know it was last year, like end of last year sometime because I was actually funny enough on a team call. the coaching call for the rule your money program I was in, I was still going through that. So it must have been like fall last year in 2023. I, this email popped up that I, someone had bought, you know, one of our website templates, which is, you know, normal. And I always like to, I always like to click and like see who bought it and what did they buy. And I just like, I like to open and see who’s buying our templates. Each one of our purchases is exciting to me. And I always like to like take the time to like look at it. So I open, you know, okay, who just bought a website template? And the email address on the purchase said @ manifestationbabe .com. Now you guys have probably heard me talk about Kathrin Zenkina from Manifestation Babe in the past on this podcast. If you’re, have like any interest in the whole manifestation world at all, you’ve probably heard of Manifestation Babe. Maybe you follow her online. Maybe you’ve taken her program. I don’t know. I know it’s something I definitely talked about in the past. A lot of my own knowledge and implement implementation of the whole manifestation world in practice has come from Kathrin’s teachings from her brand Manifestation Babe. I’ve done many of her programs. I am currently in her current like money program, sovereign money. It’s someone she is someone that I have followed for years now before she like rebranded. Like I remember back. I still remember like her branding when I first started following her. I’m like, this needs to get updated. And all of a sudden everything was like updated and looking much more high end. And I loved watching her growth in her company. And so I’ve learned so much from her. And she’s someone that I still follow today, still buy her programs today. Right. So I notice on the purchase receipt that the email address is @ Manifestation Babe. And I’m like, what? And then I look at like who? like the purchaser name, like who purchased it. And it was her COO, Londa. So not Kathrin herself. She has a team that handles like all of her stuff as well. I think she only does like the content creation part of her business. So her COO, Londa, and I’ve heard her talk about Londa before on her podcast. So I was like, I’ve heard about Londa and here Londa is like buying one of our templates. She bought one of our travel templates, the Maui one, for their latest, business venture called Manifested Adventures. Apparently they found it through Google. And because at first I was like, why did they buy the travel template? And then I saw it said, like, what is the business name? And it said Manifested Adventures. And I’m like, oh, they are clearly creating something for travel. This is before they launched this publicly. And so I guess I wasn’t talking about it too, because I know that, like, it wasn’t they hadn’t actually launched anything yet. So I was like, super cool. I was like, first of all, it’s so cool that they bought the template. And now I have this like insider look into like, they’re doing something with travel. And I love that they were like Googling for templates and they bought my Show it template. I just thought that was super cool. So I actually ended up messaging Londa like right then. And because I had her email address from the purchase receipt and I just let her know that I’ve been following Kathrin for years. I’ve been in manifestation by many programs. Like it was so exciting for me to like see that they bought the template, you know, let me know how everything goes. And she, I got like the sweetest note back. She was like, that’s such a small world. That’s amazing. It was so fun. So then my friend, Kira encouraged me to ask her for a testimonial because she’s like, I can’t believe we haven’t shared this publicly. Like, why don’t you? like ask her if it’s okay if you got a testimonial, like why are you being shy about this? So I reached, because I saw that they launched it. So then I think it was earlier this year. I don’t remember exactly when the timeframe was, but a few months later after they bought it, then all of a sudden I see Manifestation Babe announcing on their social medias about manifested adventures, the website is live. They’re doing these like pre -organized trips and itineraries for. women in different places around the world. The first one they’re doing is to Bali. And so they had their like branding done and on, and then they customized my website template. So I got to go like, go to the URL and like, go see it and see what they had done with it. And that was so much fun to see. And so now that it was like officially like out there, I was like, okay, I’m ready to share this with people. And so I reached out to London and said, you know, congrats on the. new travel side of things launching. It looks amazing. And asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I shared that they used it. And also, if there’s any way she’d be open to sharing a testimonial with me, that would be awesome. So she was really excited to do so. And her message back to me, this is what she said. She said, the Maui template was the perfect starting point for our new travel website. It really made the daunting task of starting a new site attainable and streamlined. The canvases and blocks were beautiful and easy to move around to make it our own. I would highly recommend using these templates for starting a site, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned website builder.” So that I just appreciate so much that she sent that over to me. And sometimes you just got to ask, which actually this wasn’t in my takeaway, but this is definitely a takeaway. It’s like, just go on a limb and like ask for a favor from people. I mean, people may surprise you. And my friend Kara was like, literally, like, what’s the worst that can happen? She just like, doesn’t respond to you. I was like, I’m already in a conversation with her. Like, we already had a few messages back and forth. She’s like, just ask her. So that was super fun. And then the other takeaway that I want to share with this win was that the people that you admire and that you look up to are actually in closer proximity. to you than you think. This was just really cool to me because sometimes you see people that you follow online and they just seem like they’re at this whole other level and you’re very separate, especially because it’s online. We live in totally different places. And then your paths cross. You just never know what can happen. People are… so much more closer than you think. So that was such a cool win that I wanted to share. I will definitely on social media be sharing what they did with the template. It looks super cool. But that was just really fun. And it was funny because I was on the coaching call for my rule your money program that I did. And then Lou’s like, what’s going on? She saw this like a look on my face. I’m like, they just like bought this template. And she’s like, that’s super cool because she knows who she is as well. And so it was just. It was fun to be on the call and tell people about it. And they’re like, what? Kind of sharing the excitement. So that’s what I have for you guys today. So I’ll just kind of recap everything like I always like to do. Share each of the wins with my quick takeaway, just to bring all of this back together. So the first win that I shared with you guys was that our revenue increased 40 % in a year. Increasing by 92 thousand dollars basically overall, which was super exciting. And my big takeaway from this is to Not base your goals for the future on what’s happened in the past. You can create something that’s so much bigger than what’s happened in the past If you are focused on the past you’re gonna create more of the past so expand your possibilities and a great way to do that is to look at other examples of it happening in other places and also really tap into whatever your goal may be, what are the practices and the habits that someone who has that goal is already doing. In this situation, as far as like increasing revenue, something that I knew I had a weak point on that I needed to get on top of was the money management side. And so of course, the year that I really dove into this is the year our revenue stopped just increasing a little bit and a little bit and a little bit and finally like broke past and increased by a lot more. My second win that I shared was, hiring my first full -time salaried employee. And my takeaway from that that everyone can keep in mind is that the small steps and small changes lead to bigger results that feel normal when you get there. Like never underestimate the little changes and the little steps forward. You don’t have to go from zero to 100. You can go from zero to two to five to 10 to 30 to 50 to 75. Like things grow over time. And then you’re able to hold that a lot more comfortably because you’ve expanded your ability to do so over time. And the last one that I was just talking about, one of my mentors, Manifestation Babe, not her, not Catherine, but her COO of her company, bought one of our travel templates. And that was just such an exciting moment for me. It’s fun to cross paths, even if it’s in an indirect way with someone who is, someone you’ve followed for years and look up to.

That’s what I have for you guys today on this episode. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys later. See ya!

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