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How to Be Truly Committed to Your Goals

I’ve been on the Brooke Castillo quote bandwagon lately because I’ve had her podcast, The Life Coach Podcast, in my ear when I work… and I am OBSESSED. This idea really stood out to me because I completely identity with transitioning from loving the “idea” of something, to then truly committing to it. It’s a huge, terrifying, thrilling and unavoidable step if you actually want those dreams of yours to happen. Whether you want to earn more money, lose weight, find love, buy a house, start a business, mend a broken relationship, get healthier… whatever it is, TRULY committing is the only way to do it.

But what does it mean to be truly committed anyways? Let’s dive in.

Throw Away that Safety Net.

For almost 2 years (TWO FREAKING YEARS) I was splashing around in the shallow end of starting my own business. I had technically done it, registered the LLC and by all legal means I was a business owner. But I was just contracting, I was only halfway feeling like my own boss because I still felt like I was working for those people I was doing consistent contract work for. BUT hell yea I was enjoying that safety net of knowing I had consistent business coming in every month, and how much I was going to be making! For some, this may be the perfect and most ideal situation. For me, it wasn’t. I was holding tight to the safety net and just daydreaming about the kind of business I REALLY wanted to have. I was, as Brooke says, “enjoying the idea that it was a possibility”, without actually committing to it. I was doing some major baby stepping – which is totally acceptable – but eventually it’s time to truly commit.

Truly committing in the situation for me meant getting rid of the regular contract work because it wasn’t in line with the kind of business I really wanted. It was time to dive into that freaking deep end and say “I am all in and I am going to make this happen no matter what”, without always keeping that one foot in the shallow end. When the safety net is gone, you have no other choice but to give it all you’ve got to survive. You do more, you get more efficient, more productive and concentrated because you HAVE to. That’s when the magic starts to happen. That’s when I was able to bring in more money within my first 6 months than I used to make for an entire year at my last 9-5. Throw away that safety net, it’s holding you back.

Pushing through the hard times.

Being fully committed to your goals means not stopping when it gets hard, and not keeping your eye on alternative routes “just in case”. If you want a new job – never stop applying for new ones and pursuing it. It’s one of the most frustrating things to see people who hate their job (which they spend MOST of their weeks/months/years doing) but they never do anything about it. You may have to deal with MANY no’s before you get a yes, but eventually it will happen. If you want to find love – get yourself on some dates and get yourself out there to meet people. Chances are you won’t find the love of your life drinking wine by yourself and never even trying. If you want to get into better shape – find a routine that works for you and that will hold you accountable. For years I would exercise a little here, a little there – but I wasn’t committed and therefore never happy with myself. It wasn’t until I started crossfit which constantly challenges me AND holds me accountable for going regularly that I started to see/feel progress.

If you’ve started your own business and are hitting some roadblocks… congrats! Welcome to entrepreneurship. It’s all part of the game, and you have to get through the hard times to enjoy the good times. Hard times don’t mean you should start reconsidering things, or looking for a way out- the ones who succeed are the ones who push through. Believe me, people have gone through way harder times than you’re going through now and made it through.

Convince Yourself Your Desired Future is Real

Do you find yourself saying “I wish, I hope or I’d like to” about the things you want to accomplish? I still catch myself saying this sometimes and immediately correct myself with “when this happens” – because it WILL happen! I am not just going to “try and see how it goes” – that is setting yourself up for giving up too soon. You WILL make it happen, those goals and successes can be your real future when you fully commit. It’s time to start manifesting those goals.

Let me just confess, I have some big dreams people, and this business you see here is only the beginning. I have a vision board in my office and a list of goals on my bathroom mirror to remind myself everyday what I am working toward, and as a way to constantly visualize that future. It includes me telling Stephen he has the choice to keep his job or to follow his passions bc my business is bringing in more than enough for us to both be remote and live wherever we want. There’s a GORGEOUS, open concept, modern-bohemian coastal home, with an indoor/outdoor living concept, full outdoor kitchen, and all decorated by me where I don’t limit myself only to the sale section and the cheap stores. I’m actually not into huge glamorous houses so its super homey and just the right size. I also literally have a section dedicated to business class flights lol – if you’ve ever flown business class on a long-haul flight – you get me. Right now that luxury is not in this girl’s current budget, but it WILL be happening in the future. I’ve had my taste of the good flying life and I want it bad, on the reg.

What would be on your vision board? MAKE ONE NOW. Get specific, and don’t hold back. Your only limitation of this future of yours is yourself, so go big or go home. Or you know, go just the right size like that cute little coastie home I’ll have one day. 😉 Bigger isn’t ALWAYS better.

Bet On and Invest in Yourself

How much do you REALLY believe in your abilities to achieve your goals? Would you bet money on it? If you wouldn’t, you’re not committed enough. If you’re still living in the “well I’ll try” world then why would anyone bet on you, let alone yourself?

Start making decisions now like your dream future self would. Would the future successful badass business woman version of yourself think twice about investing in tools or training that would elevate the business and her abilities? Hell no she wouldn’t! So sign up for the courses, hire a professional, do that you gotta do, because that money will come back to you. The money you waste at Starbucks on sugar-filled coffee doesn’t. Would the future in-shape healthy version of yourself be barely working out and ignoring the types of food she puts in her body? Definitely not! So get a schedule together and really learn about those nutrition facts.

I still remember when I started spending money on my business. What’s funny is I never used to think twice about spending money out with girlfriends for drinks or decorating my apartment – but for some reason spending money on my business at first was scary. Now I have no issue doing it. If it’s an investment that will in the long run bring me more business and/or give me more time and mental space to focus on the more important things, I’ll do it. Within reason of course! But I’ve definitely learned that when you pay for tools or trainings you are MUCH more likely to use them and implement than vs. if they were free. Same with working out. This is why regular gym memberships don’t work for me. They’re affordable, yay, but I need more structure and accountability than that. It’s worth the investment and the sacrifice you make to afford it if it’s going to give you much higher results in the end.


It’s time for you to start the process of getting fully committed to your goals – because it’s the fully committed ones who make it happen.

How can these ideas apply to what you’re working toward? Have you hit road blocks in your journey where you’re thinking of throwing in the towel? Don’t give up, this is part of the ride! Amazing things can happen when you remove that safety net and and decide you have the power to create what it is you really want. Start putting together that vision board and get to work!

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