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Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Designer

In this episode of the Create Your Destiny podcast, I’m sharing a few of the things you may want to consider when looking for and hiring a website designer.

After going through so many consultation calls in my web design business – I see the same mistakes or ah-ha moments happen with potential clients on the calls over and over again. Either they’ve made the wrong decisions in the past and we are needing to redo their existing website – or they’re doing this for the first time and certain things just never crossed their mind in this exciting process.

Either way, I hope this helps you along your journey to finding the right fit for you so the process can be as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

1. Find a designer that has a vibe and style that you like, not just someone who knows how to create a website.

A lot of people can make this critical mistake when finding someone to design their website. They happen to know someone in their immediate network who “does websites”, so they go with them. Easy right?! But they have no idea if that person’s work is really reflective of the style they would want. Oftentimes they end up launching a website that they don’t really like or not launching at all because they just can’t seem to get on the same page.

So before hiring someone to build your website, do your homework first. Look at their past work and their own business website and see if they represent a similar vibe that you would want to have yourself. You and your web designer must be on the same page to get your project done smoothly.

2. Look at how that website designer markets their own business.

Having a web designer that is not just focused on the design but is immersed in the online business world will mean you’re not only getting a good looking website, but one that is also strategically setup. A web designer that’s on top of their business marketing can be very helpful for you in your business launch or relaunch because they will already have things like, freebies, opt-ins and flow/automation on their mind for you.

3. Consider your timeline – AND the designer’s timeline.

Usually, a good website designer is booking a certain amount of time ahead – anywhere from a few weeks to a few months – so planning ahead is key.

Sometimes people can find themselves scrambling to find a website designer because they left it to the last minute and most are booked up in the immediate future. Planning ahead will allow you to secure the designer who is the right fit for you – AND give you the time you need to prepare your prep work for getting started!

Plus you may “think” you’re ready to get started on a website immediately – but in reality most often that waiting time to get started with your website design is so helpful for preparing your website copy, collecting images, and all other pieces the designer will need to do their job right.

4. How are you providing the WRITING for your website?

Remember- a website designer is most likely not also a copywriter, those are two very different skill sets. So the client needs to provide the writing for their website in order for the design to come together.

Think about it – what can a designer put on the website or design around if they have no idea what you want to say or how much content you will need to have?

This is where a lot of people can also be rushing and stressing at the last minute, and not really allow the process to unfold as it should.

Does writing all the words for your website feel completely overwhelming for you?! Remember there are copywriters out there who can take this off your plate as well, and ensure you’ve got everything ready to dive into design mode. Just remember they are also most likely booking in advance and you will want to coordinate their timeline with your website design start date so it all lines up and flows.

This is where that wait time that usually comes with booking in with a designer ahead of time can be really helpful for preparing this important piece. You will have that time to prepare all the writing – whether you choose to write it yourself or hire a professional copywriter to help you. This lets the designer focus more of their energy on creating a gorgeous and functional website for you vs. chasing up completed writing.

I really hope these points are going to help you in making your decision to hire a website designer! This process CAN be enjoyable and exciting when you choose a designer who is your right fit and when you’re prepared.

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