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Planning a Successful Brand Photoshoot

In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you all about how to plan a successful brand photoshoot. I’ve done a few brand photoshoots at this point for Girlboss Designer and the Kristin Richards brand, so I definitely have some tips up my sleeve to share with you so that you can make this investment worth it.

Tip #1: Think about how many photos you actually need and what kind of images you need.

This is going to depend on the industry you’re in. I would say for anyone who’s a personal brand (online coach, course creator, etc) this is where you’re going to probably want more images. You’re probably going to want to do a lifestyle photoshoot where you have a lot of images to pick from to really fill out that website to use all over social media.

But if you are in an industry like travel, where a lot of your content is based on these beautiful destinations from all around the world, then you don’t actually need a ton of photos of you. You need a photo for the about page, maybe you want a few options, and you want to sprinkle in like a little bit more variety than just doing like a typical headshot. You can easily get away with around 5-10 pictures (headshots + a few lifestyle) vs. someone who is a personal brand might want a lot more to work with.

Tip #2: Look for a photographer who has a style you like.

Make sure you’re picking a photographer who has the photo style you like already; it’ll just make the process way easier! A mistake people often make is picking someone they know who happens to have a good camera, but then you’re trying to get a style out of them that just isn’t kind of their style. A professional photographer will also be able to guide you on how to pose and what to do at the shoot vs. leaving it all up to you.

Tip #3: Consider your brand color palette for your outfits and your surroundings.

Hopefully you already have your brand color defined or at least have a rough idea of what they will be. Take these colors into consideration when planning your outfits, and your surroundings and different scenes you’ll have the photos taken in. You don’t have to have all the colors exact, or ONLY have your brand color of course- but you want to avoid having any colors in your clothing or surroundings that really clashes with your brand colors or distracts from them. This will allow the photography to more seamlessly flow with your website and marketing pieces. 

Tip #4: Pre plan your outfits and locations and have multiple options for both.

It’s better to  have more options than not enough! I also like to mix and match clothing – where for example you might keep the same pair of jeans on and just change the top. This gives you some variety in your pictures and feels like a new outfit, without a lot of effort. I do the same with throwing on a jacket to mix it up, having my hair down and then putting it up, etc. You also might just not feel good in an outfit on the day of the shoto so back up options are always better to have available!

The same goes for locations. If you’re doing the shoot at home, look at the different little scenes you can create around your home. If you’re doing it out somewhere like a cafe – could you sit in different places at the cafe, or do some pics sitting down and some against a wall? The more options you have the more variety you’ll get in  the pictures so everything doesn’t look the same in the end.

Tip #5: Have a collection of props to use and plan this ahead of time.

When thinking about the props, I always think about what are the little objects that I use in what I do every day. For me there’s always a laptop involved. If I’m at my actual desk, I actually have a mouse and like a wireless keyboard and my big monitor and all that. I usually have a journal, a pen, my phone and a coffee mug. Think about all the little objects that are just like a part of your regular life. 

Everyone’s a little bit different with what these objects might be – and those little differences will make your shoot feel unique. Think about the colors and the style of the objects, making sure they are on brand with your business’s vibe. I often purchase a few small props for the shoot so I can make sure it all flows.

Tip #6: Ask the photographer to do a mix of horizontal and vertical shots.

It’s good to have a mix of horizontal and vertical shots – even if it’s almost the same picture of you. This gives you a lot more versatility with your marketing, and especially your website. Background images for your website need to be horizontal, so if you only have mostly vertical shots you will be very limited with what you’re able to use as backgrounds. Always better to be sage and get a mix of both orientations.

Tip #7: Think about what you do for your business and get shots of THAT.

Whatever it is that you do, whatever industry you’re in, think of your day to day, or just imagine you’re doing in a typical whole week. Are you on your computer? Talking on the phone? Scrolling on your phone? Facetime? Writing in a notebook? Sketching? Reading a book? Drinking coffee/tea? All of those little moments could be scenes in your shoot – and it’s way more interesting to mix it up vs. just staring at the camera smiling the whole time!

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