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Going Slower & Deeper in Business

Over the past few months I’ve been in a slower phase personally in my business due to our big move and sorting out our childcare schedule. And while I haven’t been outwardly producing a lot (though my team has been killing it on the design side!) – I’ve been really going inward and digesting so much.

Slowing down in life and busineess allows you to go deeper vs. going fast and spreading yourself wider. In the process of spreading ourself wider, if we don’t have our roots in deep to begin with we could end up over worked, spread too thin, and burnt out.

I’ve been reflecting on things like:

What my company’s values are and why we’re here

  • Freedom has always been at the core of why I started my entrepreneurial journey in the first place
  • But what does that really mean and what does it look like?
  • I’m still diving into this and exploring all of this further

How we can better live our company values – which translates into:

  • The way we operate and work in the day to day
  • The boundaries we set with clients
  • How can I best set my team members up for success and to LOVE what they do

What the future looks like for both Girlboss Designer & my coaching business:

For Girlboss Designer, it’s standing firm in the vision of having a more product based company and really continuing to build out our digital products and automations. We have our client service really down pat and it feels very aligned to me to stick to THIS only, and allow the product side to really expand and grow.

For my coaching business, this has been on pause as you may know ever since my son Jack was born. It felt like too much at the time to manage the design business, + a coaching business + navigating motherhood as a new mom. I knew I wanted to only be working part time to be with Jack more and something had to give.

And while the coaching side has been on hold, it’s continued to grow inside of me with how I envision what I want to do when I relaunch this back into the world.

Especially during these last few months where I’ve had more time to consume on-the-go and think more (all on the go chasing after a toddler!) – it’s like I can see the pieces of the puzzle beginning to come together in the most aligned and amazing way.

And best of all. I feel ZERO rush for this.

I feel like it just keeps getting better and better – with how I envision approaching my coaching business and the type of content I want to offer.

I know when the time feels right, it’s going to be amazing and so good.

One of the people in the online space I’ve really been diving into hard these past few months is Andrea Crowder, she has a brand called the Unruley Entrepreneur. Her approach to business and her focus on working with your subconscious has really been resonated deeply with me and I’ve been soaking it all up!

I also love the way she presents her products, they’re all private podcasts vs. courses (which I definitely plan to do when I relaunch my business!). This has let me dive into these on the car, in my headphones and on the go– which has been essential since I haven’t had much time to just sit down to work lately!

Programs of Andrea’s I’ve taken over these past few months have been:

  1. Regulate
  2. Mantras that are Blocking Your Manifestations
  3. Daddy Energy
  4. No Doubt in the DMs
  5. $100k in a Day Masterclass
  6. The Pleasure Model (currently going through this one!)

Just a heads up Andrea definitely has this edge to her that I just LOVE! But you may not want to listen to her audios with the kiddos right there haha. I usually pop it on after dropping Jack off at school or going to pick him up – or while he’s napping.

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