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Balancing Hustle & Flow

We’ve been taught to work harder, hustle more, grind it out, MAKE it happen. But if you’re feeling over the hustle life and craving your balance in your business and life – this podcast episode is for you!

Hustling has an energy rooted in force, pushing, and with this rushing feeling. Hustling is based on efforting our way to our goals.

And as we know – there is only so much EFFORT we can put out every day. Eventually we cap out – some people cap out faster than others because of our unique human design – and this can easily lead to burn out if we’re not careful.

You can only HUSTLE your way for so long, and only to a certain point, then something has to change to get you to that next place.

To be 100% honest though – we have our times when the hustle energy IS actually needed. There are times in our business journey where we need to put in the effort and a little pressure to get the things done actually serves us. This is especially more true in the earlier stages!

I’m not saying hustling as a WHOLE is bad – at all. It’s just not a sustainable way to grow your business in the long term.

What we also have to remember is all of us are completely different with our makeup and how we process energy and work. Some of us are just naturally more aligned with a hustle type energy – it actually FEELS GOOD to operate in this way. For others, attempting to keep this up for long periods of time will create negative affects on us.

So this leads into my:

Tips on Finding a Balance Between Hustle & Flow

#1 Know Your Human Design & Energy Flow

This is a game changer! Just like I was just talking about – some of us are actually designed to DO MORE, and some of us aren’t.

In Human Design the Generators and Manifesting Generators are naturally equipped with a sustained energy source that regenerates everyday. Given that they are spending that energy on things that are in alignment for them – they won’t feel drained at the end of the day, but instead will feel satisfied.

The other HD types (Projectors like myself, Manifestors, Reflectors) do not have this reliable and regenerative source of energy – and therefore should be much more protective about how they use their energy and being aware when enough is enough.

There is a lot more we can go into when it comes to Human Design (for example when your root center is defined/undefined, which is connected to your ability to manage stress) but that’s another whole discussion!

This is why I’ve incorporated Human Design into the earlier part of the Align & Amplify program journey. Truly understanding ourselves is huge for setting ourselves up to thrive in our business.

#2 Listen to Your Body

Your body is your compass, it’s time to honor it more often! Rest when it’s telling you to rest. Go when you’re feeling energized.

I know I have some days I feel so restless sitting at my actual desk. I can’t focus, it just feels off. The more I’ve allowed myself to do what FEELS best (often times its moving to the bed, going for a walk, resting for a bit) I eventually get back in the groove and feel so much better. I remember recently in particular this was happening to me – so I took my laptop to my bed, poked around for a bit and eventually felt inspired to flush out the Align & Amplify program content, allowing it to just flow from my heart instead of this structured mental process.

There are tools we can use to get us more energized and motivated when we’re not quite “feeling it”. Just be careful to not continuously push and push yourself because it will eventually come back to bite you in the ass by transforming into sickness or burnout.

#3 Come Back to the Present Moment Regularly

Reconnecting to ourself each day is essential for enjoying the ride to our goals. There is ALWAYS more to be done. Once we check one thing off 5 more things pop up. We reach one of our goals and add on another.

As the saying goes – “Stop and smell the roses” – and do it often!

Some of my favorite tools to use to do this on a regular basis is through meditation, journaling, getting in nature and breathwork. Every person is different, so you will discover your own unique tools that work for you to bring you back to the present, to help you practice gratitude for all that you have and all that’s coming your way.

#4 Allow Yourself to Trust the Seasons

There are always seasons in life and business when things are busier and when things are more quiet. Things are constantly changing, so know that the times of hustle don’t last forever (or they shouldn’t anyways, unless you’re unconsciously creating more of it out of pressure!) – and the slower times are meant for rejuvenation and will eventually pick back up.

Embrace both equally!

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